Wisdom Teeth

wisdom teeth xrayAs teenagers reach adulthood, their final permanent teeth come in. The last set of molars or back teeth to come in are what we call the wisdom teeth. They get their name because they usually come in around the age of 20 or college age. Unfortunately, because these teeth are last, sometimes there isn’t enough room for them to fit in the mouth properly. This can cause the wisdom teeth to come in at an angle, come in horizontally or even fail to erupt completely and get trapped under the gums. This is why many people have their wisdom teeth removed. While wisdom teeth removal is not always necessary, it can solve problems and prevent problems from arising later.

Molars have multiple roots, which makes their removal more complicated than the simple extraction of a front tooth with only one root. Wisdom teeth can be particularly challenging to remove if they are positioned at an odd angle. The extraction of wisdom teeth is done under general anesthetic, so the patient is asleep during the procedure. Sometimes wisdom teeth have to be removed in pieces, or the gums may need to be cut if the teeth are impacted (caught under the gums.)

“I was really nervous before I got my wisdom teeth out. I’ve always been really scared of surgery. The procedure went so smoothly and I couldn’t be happier with the recovery. I’d recommend Dr. Kamboh and his staff to anyone.”

– Katie, Ashburn, VA

Katie’s wisdom teeth were impacted and weren’t able to emerge fully through her gumline. “I didn’t want to get them out, but they were ruining my orthodontic work and causing problems,” she says. “I needed to schedule the surgery.”

She came to Dr. Kamboh for an evaluation and decided to have the surgery at Lansdowne Dental Associates. “They made me feel safe, comfortable, and everything went as planned.” She knew that she could trust Dr. Kamboh and his staff to complete the procedure and handle her extractions.

“The recovery time was short and I didn’t even have any bruising or swelling,” Katie says. After having all four of her teeth extracted, she now no longer has to worry about her teeth shifting or getting an infection from impacted wisdom teeth. “I’m so happy I found Dr. Kamboh to complete this procedure!”

If wisdom teeth are in proper position and not causing any problems, the decision to remove them as a preventative measure is one that must be made by the patient on the advice of the dentist. Sometimes wisdom tooth extraction is recommended to prevent possible problems later. It is also important to realize that extraction of wisdom teeth is generally an easier process for younger patients. This is because the roots may not yet be fully formed, which makes the extraction easier, and because younger people usually heal faster than older patients.

Wisdom teeth are generally not considered to be important teeth worth saving if they cause any problems; however, removing healthy and well-positioned wisdom teeth is something that only the patient can decide on. You can call Lansdowne Dental Associates to make a consultation appointment with Dr. Kamboh to talk about wisdom teeth, or to discuss any other concerns you have about your oral health.